Eileen Isagon Skyers' show Eyes Without a Face is featured in Willamette Week: Here Are the Five Art Openings We’re Most Excited to See This Week. 

"In her essay 'Eyes Without A Face,' Eileen Isagon Skyers portrays technology as an illusionary comfort that could slip out from underneath us at any moment. "The relationship is one-sided, requiring only that we engage continuously with a luminous, manufactured surface that does not, and could not, reciprocate our empathy," writes the Pacific Northwest College of Art-educated New York artist. The essay traces our desire to fuse the digital world with our own reality, from the trash can icon on your desktop to Siri and AI. But like the essay that it takes its name from, Skyers' multimedia exhibit is intended more as an open-ended inquiry than a forecast of doom."


Williamson | Knight Gallery Announces Inaugural Year of Programming

Williamson | Knight Gallery Announces Inaugural Year of Programming

March 28, 2017 PORTLAND, ORE – Williamson | Knight, a collaboration between Iris Williamson (former Associate Director of Hap Gallery) and John Knight (former Co-Director of Cherry + Lucic), is pleased to announce its inaugural year. To introduce the space, angélica maria millán lozano & Laura Medina will be presenting rolas in pdx on April 6, 2017.
The gallery’s exhibition program launches on May 4 with a solo exhibition by artist Sheida Soleimani. Williamson | Knight’s first year of programming includes artists Sheida Soleimani, Alisa Bones, Derek Franklin, Raque Ford, and Hayley Barker.

Gallery hours starting in May 2017

Thursday–Saturday 12:00pm–5:00pm & by private appointment


rolas in pdx
angélica maria millán lozano & Laura Medina
April 6, 2017
5:15pm parade at PNCA entrance (511 NW Broadway)
6:00pm performance at Williamson | Knight (916 NW Flanders St.)

we are rolas in pdx, claiming our colOmbian identities through the honoring of nuestrxs madres, hermanxs, y tías. marcharemos y cocinaremos para nosotrxs o for ellxs?

angélica maria millán lozano is a fibers and performance artist de bogotá, colOmbia who moved to portland in pursuit of her mfa in visual studies at pacific northwest college of art. her work questions the ethical implications of social injustices that affect latinas in the home. she creates abstract and figurative compositions on distressed fabrics where she juxtaposes different remnants symbolizing experiences affected by her colOmbian and united statesian culture. she is also a co-founder at cvllejerx, a poc focused fashion collaboration.

Laura Camila Medina is an artist from Bogota, Colombia. Through different mediums such as painting, printmaking, and animation she focuses on work that is informative and educational through the use of appropriated historical imagery. The pieces usually live amongst each other as installations; pieces of a fragmented history. Her work emphasizes the questions arising from the experience living as an immigrant in the US and an outsider at home. This contrast in environment is a driving force to explore current social issues in Colombia and the US involvement in Colombian politics, through the perspective of a multi-cultural individual. She bases her practice around uprooting and migration as a response to extensive cultural, socio-political, and historical research.