André Filipek-Magaña (b. 1992) is a Mexican-American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work is focused on the ways in which white supremacy is promoted, specifically in scrutinizing the systematic destruction of indigenous history and the erection of biased infrastructure. Filipek-Magaña’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions have been at American Medium (New York City, NY: 2018); 77 Mullberry (New York City, NY: 2018); 100% Gallery (San Francisco, CA: 2018); JACE (Los Angeles, CA: 2017); Wreath (Atlanta, GA: 2017); and Amor Tlalpan (Mexico City, MX: 2017). Recent group exhibitions at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), Alyssa Davis (New York), and Freight Gallery (San Antonio).

Images by Mario Gallucci