rolas in pdx,  angélica maria millán lozano & Laura Medina. April 6, 2017

rolas in pdx, angélica maria millán lozano & Laura Medina. April 6, 2017

rolas in pdx

angélica maria millán lozano & Laura Medina

April 6, 2017

we are rolas in pdx, claiming our colOmbian identities through the honoring of nuestrxs madres, hermanxs, y tías. marcharemos y cocinaremos para nosotrxs o for ellxs?

angélica maria millán lozano is a fibers and performance artist de bogotá, colOmbia who moved to portland in pursuit of her mfa in visual studies at pacific northwest college of art. her work questions the ethical implications of social injustices that affect latinas in the home. she creates abstract and figurative compositions on distressed fabrics where she juxtaposes different remnants symbolizing experiences affected by her colOmbian and united statesian culture. she is also a co-founder at cvllejerx, a poc focused fashion collaboration.

Laura Camila Medina is an artist from Bogota, Colombia. Through different mediums such as painting, printmaking, and animation she focuses on work that is informative and educational through the use of appropriated historical imagery. The pieces usually live amongst each other as installations; pieces of a fragmented history. Her work emphasizes the questions arising from the experience living as an immigrant in the US and an outsider at home. This contrast in environment is a driving force to explore current social issues in Colombia and the US involvement in Colombian politics, through the perspective of a multi-cultural individual. She bases her practice around uprooting and migration as a response to extensive cultural, socio-political, and historical research.  

Photographs by Lani Milton